Hello, I am Jade.
So happy to see you here.

From low tech & low literacy Ecuadorian small bodega owners, customers who want to troubleshoot their disfunctional refrigerator, healthcare professionals to enhance their workflows and patients experience at hospitals, to high-tech luxury fitness members to book their personal training session on their app, I’ve had various range of products and users I designed for in the past ten plus years.

What You Can Expect From Me

User Centered Mind

Looking at the world through the other’s perspective. Connecting the dots to create meaningful solutions. These are my top qualities as a designer. I easily sympathize with people and their problems and I help better the world via design.

Methodical Process

I have provided successful solutions for global companies including Samsung, American Express, Philips and Equinox over the past 9 years through necessary research techniques and methods, rigorous design-build-test cycles. My expertise includes user research and testing, UI designs, UX thinking, and rapid prototyping.

Delicate Modern Design

Approaching the design process in a modern way opens up your possibilities. My goal is to provide semantic designs which support simple code, single code-base, responsive designs to minimize the engineering effort.