Cycling Class Reservations


Currently, there are about 34,000 members taking cycling classes at Equinox, and over 100,000 bikes are being booked online each month (as of August 2015). Since the launch of ‘The Pursuit by Equinox’, interactive real-time game-like cycling classes, attendance has quadrupled. Two-thirds of members book bikes for the classes via the iPhone app, so keeping the app’s booking flow seamless and easy with each feature update is one of my responsibilities as a UX designer.

There is an extreme sense of urgency when booking a bike, because cycling classes are popular. Booking is only available 26 hours before the class, and most members have their own preferences on a bike or general area within the classroom. It’s not uncommon to see classes to fill up within a couple minutes after the booking period starts.

Apple Watch

The Equinox app is also available on Apple Watch. I was responsible for making sure the design of the flow is in line with Apple’s guidelines and that it is easy to use in such a small interface on the go.

The app was featured on an Apple Watch official commercial.